Our Loan Process


STEP 1 Obtain a Mortgage Rate Quote

Our website enables you to price your loan under various scenarios and loan programs. We encourage you to obtain a rate quote from us and compare it with quotes obtained from other lenders.

STEP 2 Complete the Online Loan Application

You may either contact us directly or complete our secure online loan application by obtaining a rate quote.

STEP 3 Kertin Mortgage Group will Contact You

Once you have submitted your application, it will be automatically assigned to a licensed Mortgage Consultant. Your Mortgage Consultant will guide you through the entire loan process and serve as your point of reference for questions and concerns. The Mortgage Consultant will also: Contact you to review the information you provided and answer any questions you may have. Provide you with a secure portal to upload important documentation to be used in the underwriting process. Review your credit history and submit your application through our automated underwriting engine. Maintain communication with you to keep you up to date regarding your loan status, and advise if any additional information is needed along the way.

STEP 4 Locking a Rate for Your Loan

If Kertin Mortgage Group’s automated underwriting engine issues an “Approved” decision (and you have received an acceptance to your purchase offer from the seller, if applicable), you are eligible to lock the interest rate. If your loan does not receive an “Approved” decision, your Mortgage Consultant will contact you to discuss other options.

STEP 5 Processing Your Loan

A Kertin Mortgage Group Mortgage Consultant will begin processing your loan once the lender’s Property Appraisal fee has been paid. The appraisal, title and other services will be ordered on your behalf. We will require you to submit income and asset information as applicable to your loan, prior to submitting your loan package to our Underwriting Department. Your Mortgage Consultant may gather additional documentation during the loan process, as required, to fully approve your loan.

STEP 6 Signing Your Loan Documents

The loan documents are sent to the notary/closing agent for your execution. Once received, the closing agent will need to get in contact with you to schedule a time to sign loan documents.

STEP 7 Funding and Closing Your Loan

After review and approval of your signed loan documents, funds will be wired to the title company, which will disburse the funds and record the necessary paperwork with the appropriate county. At this point, your loan is considered closed.

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